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Cornell Winery

Cornell Winery is a tasting room and shop that specializes in all local wines from the Santa Monica Mountains, including Malibu.

The tasting room is rustic and charming with a wide inventory of wines from the roughly 50 different wineries located in the Santa Monica Mountains. If you're looking for a single place to sample a wide assortment of wines from various wineries in Malibu, Cornell's tasting room is a great place to do so. They carry wines from virtually every winery in Malibu.

Also, if you get hungry, there is an excellent restaurant just down the road from the tasting room, called "The Old Place Restaurant". It is also quite rustic and charming, and the food is renowned.

Tasting Room Location: 29975 Mulholland Hwy, Cornell, CA 91301

Tasting Room Phone: 818-735-3542

The Old Place Restaurant: 1-818-706-9001




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